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"...Ortana provides a number of Products, Platforms & Services for a wide range of workflows and media supply chains - for any size organisation, no matter where content is stored..."

Ortana Media Group is proud to offer a wide range of products and services using its Cubix Asset Management & Orchestration platform. Designed to be a disruptive technology within the MAM & orchestration space, Cubix has a highly modular architecture that is easily configurable and reconfigurable to meet the demands of your current and future workflows. Being integrated with over 50 technical partners “out of the box” ensures clients can determine the right tools for the job, allowing them to concentrate on product development, service and profitability whilst we handle the integration.

Our development of software-oriented architectures around best of breed products and services means we produce flexible, affordable and efficient solutions for your specific requirements, whether they be all encompassing or one step in your existing workflow. Ortana also ensures that our commercials models are as flexible as our solutions, allowing you to choose from numerous different options – including, capex, SaaS & transactional.

Please see below the range of Products & Services that we offer using the Cubix Platform.
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Our Services


Spot and Spin Media Services provides bulk tape ingest and film scanning services - from 10 assets to 100,000. We provide live tracking of all content through the digitisation process, as well as simple, cost effective pricing.

Kiosk makes managing media simple, no matter where it is stored. Designed to wrap around your existing storge, its hybrid cloud architecture quickly allows for both the secure management and sharing of content no matter where it is stored. Proxy based workflows, archiving and VoD supply chains just a few of the solutions Kiosk offers.


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